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10 innovative web design trends for 2019

Hard to believe, but 2019 means we’re heading into the final chapter of the decade. The internet has grown and changed a lot in the past ten years: we’ve seen the reign of mobile, the introduction of AR, VR, AI, AMP and many other acronyms. As exciting as all of this new technology has been, where we really see and feel these changes is in web design trends. In some years, design trends have pushed towards rampant creativity—abandoning grids and traditional stock photos for vibrant illustrations, bold color schemes and asymmetrical layouts. Other years, technological advancements have led to websites becoming smarter, with machine learning and subtle interactions, and those shifting paradigms have driven design trends (hamburger menus, anyone?). 2019 web design trends will see these two sides of the coin—aesthetics and technology—come together like never before. Gathered here are the dominating web trend predictions for 2019, but this is by no means the last word on creative innovation. Because if there’s one thing we can say for certain about 2019, it is the last call for web designers to make their mark on the decade..

1. Serifs on screen 2. Black-and-white palettes 3. Natural, organic shapes 4. Glitch art 5. Micro-interactions 6. Chatbots evolve 7. Even more video content 8. Minimalism 9. Thumb-friendly navigation 10. Diversity!

Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. It’s practically essential after all: one design for the BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle — and all screen resolutions must be compatible, too. In the next five years, we’ll likely need to design for a number of additional inventions. When will the madness stop? It won’t, of course..

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