Ganesh Sundarraj

Started out as a small Webdesign agency with just 10 people in 1998. Now, the company boasts over 20 employees, with more than 2500 clients Worldwide.


I'm a 46 year old energetic IT-man who works in a basement of 18+ years of experience in web design and development, winning several national and international awards for web design projects.

Ganesh Sundarraj (born 1970)a multiple award winning web designer,developer&CEO for MaxwebInfo.MaxwebInfo is an Information Technology and Services company located in 30/1,SrinivasaStreet,DuraisamyNagar,Madurai,TamilNadu,India


local Projects :Mumbai ,Delhi ,Bangalore ,Hyderabad ,Ahmedabad ,Chennai ,Kolkata , Surat ,Pune ,Jaipur ,Lucknow ,Kanpur ,Nagpur ,Indore ,Thane ,Kochin ,Visakhapatnam , .

Featured Skills :PHP,HTML,JavaScript .

Experience : Web Application Engineer,Web developer and Mobile Apps

Education : BE,Mepco Schlenk Engineering College.

Languages :English,Tamil,Telugu,Malayalam.

Honor/Award : National Social Service.

CEO Message: Information technology is redefining how business across the world is being conducted.

For small businesses, banking, finance, health care, Industries and retail business, the understanding and adopting information technology is essential to improve their efficiency, visibility, and ultimately to enable them to become more competitive. Yet, incorporating technology in a small business is not a trivial task..

OurDomains:,,,, and

Your business name

Think long and hard about your name: you're going to be stuck with it as rebrands are expensive and painful. It'll need to work with an available web domain and will also often be the first thing prospective customers see. Consider what your name needs to say about your business. Should it simply be a case of 'says what it does on the tin' or communicate aspects of your brand identity, such as Innocent Drinks, or perhaps geography is important if you're focused on serving or representing a local area - Manchester Landscaping Ltd or Premium Lincolnshire Sausages Ltd, for instance.

How you'll get your name out there

No point having an amazing business idea if nobody knows about it - so how will you get your name out there? Without a big marketing budget, start small and focus on building relationships. Use social media and network hard to start building a reputation with not just potential customers, but also local journalists, suppliers, fellow retailers, local business organisations. Start a blog, be active on Facebook and Twitter, offer to write articles or talk for free on your expert subject, get people trying and reviewing your product or service, think about having a launch party

Your web presence

Did you know that 50% of small business don't have a website? Most want one, but they either think they can't afford one or don't have the skills to put it together themselves. The latter may have been true a few years ago, but web building tools such as Moonfruit - available as part of Smarta Business Builder - mean absolute beginners can now get a fully e-commerce website up and running in no time. You might not need to sell online though, perhaps a simple brochure site showcasing what you do would be enough - but, then again, wouldn't it be nice to take bookings? Start thinking about how much more business you could be doing by embracing an online market - then explore the available options to make it happen.